Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How I start to knit my toys. Cast on with hook from middle.

I want to show how I cast on stitches for starting to knit my toys.I make it with crochet hook.

At first make  a simple loop of yarn. 

Then insert a crochet hook through that loop and grab the yarn and pull it 

through the loop .

Then draw another loop through this loop on the crochet hook. We have one stitch.

Repeat until you have all the stitches you want.

Usually I start to knit toys with 6 stitches.

 Slip the stitches from the crochet hook onto your  double-pointed needles.

Pull on the short end of the yarn to tighten the loop and close the circle.

And continue to knit as usually.

 I hope that it will be helpful for you 8)))

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